GameSir G7 SE Gamepad
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GameSir G7 SE

Logitech F310 Gamepad
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Logitech F310

Trust GXT 541 Muta Gamepad
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Trust GXT 541 Muta

Gulikit NS08 Gamepad
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Gulikit NS08

About Gamepadla project

Gamepadla is an easy way to check the polling rate or latency of your gamepad. This tool will help you get accurate data about your controller's performance, which can be useful for gamers, game developers, and enthusiasts. Gamepadla works with most popular gamepads and supports DInput and XInput protocols, making it a versatile solution for testing different types of controllers. Why polling rate is not the same as input lag.

Download Gamepadla

A software tester polling rate latency and jitter. It works on the principle of XInputTest, but the latency indicators here give only synthetic results.
The most accurate latency measurement using a special device that allows you to get the minimum average and maximum latency of the gamepad.